Pet Friendly Places

Most guidelines below refer to dogs, as they are the most common travel companions. Check with individual businesses regarding other types of pets. A neighborly reminder: your pets should always be leashed and picked up after.
  1. Legal Requirements:
    Municipal rules require dog owners to clean up after their pets everywhere, not just in public spaces with posted signs.
  2. Lawn Health:
    Contrary to the misconception that dog waste acts as fertilizer, it’s actually harmful due to its acidity, destroying grass. It shouldn’t be used in compost or for garden fertilization.
  3. Environmental Impact:
    Dog waste contains pollutants – pathogens and nutrients. When washed into waterways, it can harm aquatic life, and lead to water becoming unsuitable for recreation.
  4. Disease Transmission:
    Even symptom-free dogs’ waste carries harmful bacteria and parasites like Giardia, transmissible through contact or via insects.
  5. Odor and Outdoor Enjoyment:
    Neglected dog waste stinks!
  6. Common Courtesy and Cleanliness:
    Cleaning up after your dog is not just considerate, it also prevents others from experiencing the unpleasantness of stepping in dog poop.
dog park truth or consequences

Carole Wheeler Dog Park

Truth or Consequences’ off-leash dog park, located just west of Ralph Edwards Park, is open daily.

Two fenced areas are available – one for big dogs and another for smaller breeds. There’s lots of shade and plenty of grass for your pups to play on!

Bags for pickup are available.

Pet-Friendly Restaurants & Lodging

Certified service dogs are allowed in restaurants with their owners. Otherwise bringing dogs or other pets into eating establishments is a health code violation. That said, a few local eateries allow well-mannered pets on their patios, including those below.

bigfoot wine bar and patio outdoor seating with firepits
Elephant Butte

Bigfoot Restaurant & Pet Patio

Designated dog-friendly seating area on the patio
black range lodge kingston new mexico

Black Range Lodge

Pets are welcome for an extra fee.
casa taco elephant butte
Elephant Butte

Casa Taco

Leashed well-behaved dogs are welcome.
Charles Hot Spring Resort - Truth or Consequences NM.
Truth or Consequences

Charles Motel & Hotsprings

Dogs are welcome for an $20 per dog per night.
pool and hot tub at comfort inn and suites truth or consequences new mexico
Truth or Consequences

Comfort Inn & Suites

Call ahead to reserve a pet-friendly room for an additional $20 per pet per night.
dam site lodge
Elephant Butte

Dam Site Lodge

Pets are allowed in the casitas, but not the main lodge.
Desert View Inn, Truth or Consequences, at night
Truth or Consequences

Desert View Inn

Dedicated dog-friendly rooms and a small outdoor dog enclosure.
elephant butte inn
Elephant Butte

Elephant Butte Inn (coming in 2024)

Stay in a dog-friendly room for an additional fee.
giddy up cafe torc nm
Truth or Consequences

Giddy Up Cafe

Leashed well-behaved dogs are welcome at tables out front and on the patio.
holiday inn express truth or consequences nm
Truth or Consequences

Holiday Inn Express and Suites

Call to check availability on limited pet rooms, add $15 per dog.
juniper pool outdoor bath at hoosier hot springs torc nm
Truth or Consequences

Hoosier Hot Springs

Well-mannered dogs are welcome.
la paloma hot springs and spa
Truth or Consequences

La Paloma Hot Springs

Pets can stay in the cottage for an extra fee and are welcome in the courtyard on a leash.
marina suites motel elephant butte nm
Elephant Butte

Marina Suites

Pets are welcome.
miners cabin vacation rental chloride nm

Miner’s Cabin

Well-behaved dogs are welcome; outside the cabin dogs must be leashed.
motel 6 truth or consequences new mexico
Truth or Consequences

Motel 6

Pets allowed for an extra fee.
outlaw casita vacation rental
Truth or Consequences

Outlaw Casita

Pets welcome, nuestra casa es su casa.
red concrete bath at pelican spa
Truth or Consequences

Pelican Spa

Dogs may stay for $25 per night for the first, additional add $15/night.
pye cabin chloride new mexico

Pye Cabin

Pets are welcome; they must be leashed outside the cabin.
rio grande motel williamsburg new mexico

Rio Grande Motel

Call ahead to reserve a pet-friendly room.
Riverbend Hot Springs in Truth or Consequences.
Truth or Consequences

Riverbend Hot Springs

1-2 dogs weighing 20 pounds or less are welcome for a fee.
rocket inn truth or consequences
Truth or Consequences

Rocket Inn

Preapproval is required, so call ahead re: dogs.
blue corn pancakes at sierra grande restaurant torc nm
Truth or Consequences

The Restaurant at Sierra Grande

Leashed well-behaved dogs are welcome on the patio.
travelodge hot springs inn truth or consequences nm
Truth or Consequences


Pet-friendly lodging just off I-25.
view from the bar at t or c brewing co
Truth or Consequences

Truth or Consequences Brewing Co.

Well-behaved leashed dogs are allowed on the front patio.


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