gants family orchard in fair weather

This family-owned pecan orchard in Cuchillo hosted the Cuchillo Pecan Festival for years, and are bringing it back in the near future. Check out their shop, Gants Goodies, for sourdough bread, local pecans, and Bernice Ritch’s pecan concoctions.

raggedy edge ranch all natural balms and salves

Raggedy Edge Ranch is an off-grid farm that raises animals and sells organic produce, eggs, lamb and goat meat (special order only), as well as handcrafted herbal salves and lip balms.

woollywhotnots all organic hand knitted gaarments

Woollywhotnots creations feature natural, eco-friendly, custom-made clothing, including shawls, sweaters, skirts, ponchos, hats, leggings, gloves, and other items.
All products are handmade by the shop’s owner, Lalynn, using 100% natural animal fiber, and the alpaca yarn used to knit Woollywhotknots creations is not dyed, as dyes tend to dull the feel of the natural fiber, stripping it of softness and warmth.
The dyed wool is only dyed with locally harvested nuts, fruits, or plants. A whole lot of love and care goes into every step of the process in creating these cozy, expertly crafted items.

simple botanicals salves balms tinctures

This mother/daughter herbal company has been making and selling a wide range of products in Sierra County since 2001. Catherine has been using, researching, growing, and harvesting herbs her whole adult life. Her daughter Yarrow is a Certified Clinical Herbalist who studied at the Mesilla Valley School of Therapeutic Arts and The Southwest School of Botanical Medicine. Together, they have created an impressive line of herbal concoctions, from elixirs and tinctures to skin oils, toners, and balms, as well as pure essential oils.

lemon cucumbers from jardin del alma monticello nm

Jardin del Alma grows and sells a variety of organic produce including kale, cucumbers (lemon), basil, celery, roasted chile peppers (frozen), zucchini, peaches, and heirloom tomatoes. The farm uses only natural, organic methods

old monticello organic farms lavender field

Known for its organic balsamic, Old Monticello Organic Farms grows, harvests, distills, and sells OM of NM essential oils of lavender, sage, oregano, peppermint, and rosemary.

jams from South 40 Farms, Monticello New Mexico.

A family-owned farm that offers a variety of organically grown produce, including apples, squash, greens, and root veggies, available seasonally.

cuchillo greens truth or consequences

Sierra County’s only locally-based cannabis operation and vendor.