4 thoughts on “Vintage Brochure – Hot Springs New Mexico, City of Health”

  1. Is it possible to get a copy of this wonderful vintage pamphlet ? I am trying to read the information about the minerals in the water at the different springs but when I try to magnify it, everything gets blurry. I’m highly interested in the healing waters!Can you decipher?

    Erin Lacey 604.997.4849

    1. A more readable copy isn’t readily available – might have it on a drive somewhere. In the meantime you can see the mineral content at the bottom of this page:


      And on this page too:


      Hope that’s useful? Thanks for commenting, hope you can soak up some minerals soon! 🙂

  2. Do you know or is information available anywhere about the Arizona Hotel and what happened to it? My grandparents visited T or C starting in the late 40s annually, and that is where they stayed. I went there once years ago but when I went to T or C more recently, I couldn’t find it, My recollection was that it had been right in the center of town.

    1. Hi Cherie – wish we were better historians. Having said that – if memory serves, the Arizona Hotel sat at Broadway and Foch, where El Farol (mexican restaurant) is now. It suffered irreparable damage during a flood. If we find out any more details we will come back and comment here, or correct this response. Thanks for the inquiry.

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