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Sierra County offers a unique selection of officiants,
ceremony & reception venues, caterers and entertainment.

outdoor wedding at the lake

Wedding Officiants

Diane Lombardo, Ceremonies in Nature, 575-740-5282,
Jeannette Chapman, Saffron & Sage Weddings & Such, 651-363-6980
Magistrate Court Judge, 155 W Barton, Truth or Consequences, 575-894-3051
T or C Municipal Court Judge, West 3rd, Truth or Consequences, 575-894-7812
Williamsburg Village Judge, 309 Veater, Williamsburg, 575-894-6385


Desert Flower, 508 Broadway, Truth or Consequences, 575-894-7617

Specialty Cakes

Bullocks Bakery, 630 Broadway, Truth or Consequences, 575-894-6622
Passion Pie Cafe, 406 Main, Truth or Consequences, 575-894-9047


Wedding Venues

Truth or Consequences:
Albert Lyon Events Center at the Sierra County Fairgrounds, Extension Agent, 575-894-2375
Civic Center, 400 W 4th Street, City Clerk, 575-894-6673
Moose Lodge, 202 W Smith Ave, 575-894-6520
Ralph Edwards Park, Riverside Drive @ Cedar, City Clerk, 575-894-6673
Riverbend Hot Springs, 100 Austin, 575-894-SOAK
Elephant Butte:
Historic Damsite Recreation Area, Winding Roads Park & Paseo del Rio, off Highway 51, 575-894-2041
Elephant Butte Community Center , City Clerk, 575-744-4892
Elephant Butte Inn, 401 Hwy 195, 575-744-5431
Elephant Butte Lake State Park, Hwy 195, 575-744-5421
Sierra del Rio Golf Course at Turtleback Mountain Resort, 575-744-7012
Elsewhere in Sierra County:
Spaceport America,
Chloride, Don Edmund, 575-743-2736
Hillsboro Community Center, Brian O’Dell, 575-895-5119
Kingston, Catherine Wanek, 575-895-5652
WCC&D Community Center, Winston, Kristie Hawkins, 575-743-2701
Williamsburg Village Hall, Linda Bauer, 575-894-6385

Banquet Facilities

Truth or Consequences:
La Cocina, 1 Lakeway Drive, 575-894-6499
Los Arcos Steak & Lobster, 1400 N Date, 575-894-6200
Elephant Butte:
Elephant Butte Inn, 401 Highway 195, 575-744-5431
Hodges Corner Restaurant, 915 Highway 195, 575-744-5626


Truth or Consequences:
Hot Springs Catering, 575-740-6180
Tony’s Mexican Restaurant, 1990 S Broadway, 575-894-9047
Passion Pie Cafe, 406 Main, 575-418-1779
Elephant Butte:
Casa Taco, 704 Highway 195, 575-744-4859
Elephant Butte Inn, 401 Hwy 195, 575-744-5431 (on-property only)
Hodges Corner Restaurant, 915 Hwy 195, 575-744-5626

Vineyards, Wines (local)

Black Range Vineyards, 10714 Highway 152, Hillsboro, 575-895-5000
Shattuck Vineyard, 43 Bridle Lane, Caballo, 915-491-9459


Cactus Flats, Dan Mason, 575-894-6493 (old & new country, ’50s, ’60s)
Hard Knocks Blues Band, Pat Dutton, 575-743-2544 (blues)
Jake Miller Band, 505-710-0747 (country, blues, deejay)
On Call 24/7, Glenn Hamilton, 575-740-1563 (bluegrass)
Gene Armijo, 575-894-7553 (deejay)

Limousine/car rentals

Whitehead Auto, 901 N Date, 575-894-7155
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