Indian Springs

Indian Springs Baths & Apartments in Truth or Consequences NM
218 Austin Street,
(0.2 miles to the Visitor Center)

The bath house and cottages—formerly Langford Tourist Courts—have evolved over the years, and today are reminiscent of the tranquil mid-twentieth century.

Walk-in bathers are welcome on a first-come / first-served basis. Lodgers get two free half-hour baths per day. The focus at Indian Springs is on the healing benefits of the water.  Treat sore muscles, back problems, and de-stress in baths that were built in 1927 from mostly natural materials like wood, redwood, and lava rock.

Nightly, weekly and monthly rentals are available. Some rooms have kitchenettes. Rooms start at $55/night, or $420/month.

Soaking Info

8am – 9pm daily, last bath is at 8:30pm
$5 per person for for a half hour bath
Baths are artesian / gravel-bottom natural flow. There’s a pump in the small bath that can be turned on to circulate water and activate jets.

Small bath: 4×4′ can accommodate 1-2 people
Large bath: 6×8′ can accommodate up to 6 people

Age requirements
14 years and older only in the baths

the smaller bath at Indian Springs in Truth or Consequences New Mexico

Indian Springs, hot mineral baths in Truth or Consequences New Mexico

Photo of Indian Springs: Moshe Koenick. Used with permission.
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