Fire Water Lodge

Fire Water Lodge, Truth or Consequences
311 Broadway,
(0.1 miles to the Visitor Center)

Fire Water Lodge offers free private baths for lodgers only. Six rooms at Fire Water have indoor baths; some are concrete, others are ceramic tile, one is stone & ceramic, one is metal. Each bath is in a private enclosed area. Two rooms have baths for use by that room’s occupants only.

There’s also one outdoor bath for general use by all lodgers on a first come / first served basis: it’s a jetted whirlpool bath in a private fenced-in area.

Spa / Wellness

Appointments are available with a massage therapist who uses a blend of Western and Asian techniques. A reflexologist is also available by appointment.

Lodging for Groups

$70 – $95
72 hours for single nights; 1 week for groups

Fire Water Lodge is a soaking retreat with a common courtyard that offers seating and a barbecue grill.

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