Charles Hotsprings Resort

Charles Hotsprings Resort, T or C NM
601 Broadway,
(0.3 miles to the Visitor Center)

On average, 4-5 rooms are available for nightly rental at the Charles Hotsprings Resort. A one-hour soak is included with a room rental. Dogs are allowed for an extra $20 per night. Weekly and monthly rates are also available.

Spa & Soaking Info

9am – 8pm Monday through Thursday
9am – 9pm Friday Saturday & Sunday

Private baths (60 minutes):
Baths are drained and cleaned between appointments.  The cost of your soak includes towels.
Indoors: private bathing stalls with tiled tubs; segregated by gender (4 women / 5 men)
Outdoors: two jetted whirlpool tubs, each in a private section on the rooftop

$9 per person for indoor baths (singles only)
$15 per single for outdoor rooftop soaks or $25 per couple; add $10 per additional person, maximum 4 people
Lodgers are welcome to a free 1-hour soak per day and may buy extras at the same price as walk-ins

Protocol: Wraps are required in common areas (please wear robes, clothing, or wrap yourself in a towel).

Children are allowed in rooms and baths. Constant supervision and attention to bath temperatures are required.

Call 575-894-7154 to arrange massage therapy or reflexology to complement your soak.


The gift shop in the lobby area sells pottery, cards, jewelry, minerals, stones, and hand-made items. 

Lodging for Groups

$82 – 100
4 rooms
48 hrs
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