Sierra County’s

Ghost Towns & Historic Villages

Chloride New Mexico

Chloride was once a bustling mining town with a variety of businesses. Today it is home to the Pioneer Store Museum, a gift shop, an RV Park, the Chloride Bank Cafe, and a rental cabin.

Cuchillo New Mexico

Cuchillo, located on Highway 52 northwest of T or C and Elephant Butte, has a long history.

Engle New Mexico

Engle was founded in 1879 as a station on the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad and became a thriving cattle and shipping town.

Hillsboro New Mexico

Hillsboro, the former County Seat, was founded in 1877 when gold was discovered nearby. Today, it is a charming, peaceful village with flower-filled yards and old cottonwoods lining the main street.

Kingston New Mexico

1890s Kingston New Mexico was the epitome of the “Wild West.” Remnants of its glory days can be found at the Black Range Lodge and the Percha Bank Museum.

Lake Valley New Mexico

Lake Valley settled at its present site when the Bridal Chamber mine was discovered. Its schoolhouse and other buildings still stand, and are open to the public Thursday through Monday.

Monticello New Mexico

Monticello was founded by ranchers and farmers in 1856 as Cañada Alamosa (Cottonwood Canyon). It was renamed in 1881 by its first postmaster, Aristide Bourguet.

Placita New Mexico

Placita New Mexico, located just southeast of Monticello, was founded by the Sedillo family in the 1840s. There’s some debate on the actual name, with “Placitas” and “Las Placitas” sometimes used.

Winston New Mexico

Winston New Mexico (first called Fairview) was settled in 1881 by miners who found nearby Chloride “too rowdy.” It flourished until the silver panic; today only a few families remain.

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