Geronimo Trail Visitor Center Breaks Visitation Records

Geronimo Trail National Scenic Byway

According to LaRena Miller, director of the Geronimo Trail National Scenic Byway Visitors Center in downtown Truth or Consequences, visitors to the Center usually fit one of two profiles: they are gathering information for family that is visiting soon, or they have just moved here and want to learn more about the area.  But others stop in when they are in town seeing friends or family, or are here vacationing and exploring. Other visitors are passing through on their way to other destinations, drawn in by T or C’s interesting name.

From January through April of 2022, a total of 3,453 individuals signed in at the Visitors Center. 

During January, 229 visitors stopped in while visiting from New Mexico, including 29 from Sierra County. 218 hailed from the remaining 49 States, and 30 came from foreign countries. 

Primary reasons for visiting Sierra County, as noted on the Visitor Center guest sign-in sheet, included soaking in the hot springs (180 people) or seeing Spaceport America (154 people). The remaining sign-ins indicated an interest in the name of the town of Truth or Consequences, and an interest in attractions such as the lakes or Sierra County’s hiking trails.

In the month of February, 755 visitors stopped in to the Center. 376 were from New Mexico (34 from Sierra County), 535 were from other States, and 35 visited from foreign countries.  196 stated they came to town or stopped in for info on the hot springs; 97 visited for Spaceport America; and 462 visited a variety of other reasons, including those listed in January.  February visitation was higher than any other February since reports began, 12 years ago.

March 2022 saw another record-breaking month with a total of 1049 visitors to the Center.  297 were from New Mexico (32 from Sierra County), 695 came from other US states, and 41 who signed in were from foreign countries.  249 said they came for the hot springs, 85 came for Spaceport America, and 715 were here for other reasons.

April again broke visitation records, with 973 people signing in.  There were 280 folks from New Mexico (including 43 from Sierra County), 688 from the other 49 states and 52 from foreign countries.  April numbers included two special tour groups to Spaceport America that coincided with the Trinity Site Open House.  

Out-of-town visitors eat in our restaurants, buy gasoline, shop in our stores, and spend the night in our hotels. Funds spent by visitors add to City and County revenues via Lodgers Tax and Gross Receipts Tax. 

Many visitors to the Center comment on the amazing Lee Belle Johnson Building, which houses the Visitor Center and serves as a departure point for tours to the Spaceport.

If you haven’t yet, pop in to the Visitor Center to see the building and pick up useful information — not just on Sierra County and surrounding area, but on the entire State of New Mexico.

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