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Traditional Aceto Balsamico of Monticello

Traditional Aceto Balsamico of Monticello
Based in New Mexico

On a 40-acre farm nestled in Monticello, New Mexico, Jane and Steve Darland have spent the past several years crafting traditional balsamic vinegar using one ingredient: certified organic Italian grapes grown on their high desert property.

For the 21-year aging process, they use a series of world-class Italian balsamico casks, with each barrel made from one of seven woods: ash, acacia, cherry, chestnut, juniper, mulberry, and oak. This artisanal treasure has been widely recognized for its unique viscosity and the depth and nuances of its flavors.

Where/How to Buy:
Learn more about the intricate process of making traditional balsamic vinegar and purchase products on the website. Purchase locally at the Sierra County Farmer’s Market (June through October) and the Monticello Holiday Store (2 weekends in December).

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