Ashe & Hammer

Ashe & Hammer hand-forged tools
Ashe & Hammer hand-forged tools
Based in New Mexico

Ashé Cravenock is a local blacksmith who grew up learning the trade alongside his father, who noticed his son’s keen interest in shaping things out of heat and metal and decided to build him a simple charcoal forge on their farm in Monticello. Ashé began selling his wares at the Las Cruces Renaissance Faire as a young boy and has since come into his own as a skilled blacksmith who makes hand-forged knives, swords, and other blades that combine raw metal materials with artistic leatherwork.

His business was propelled into further success by becoming the Season 5 Forged in Fire champion (The History Channel, Episode 25: “The Sengese”).

Where/How to Buy:
Ashé’s custom blades can be purchased on his website and in person at the Sierra County Farmers Market and Monticello Holiday Store (2 weekends in December).

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