21 Days – Charles Motel & Spa, Soak #9

lobby of the Charles Motel & Hot Springs, Truth or Consequences
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Rooftop Whirlpool Bath

I kicked productive ASS this morning so I am feeling good! It’s so easy to love my work when it’s going well (and so easy to hate it when it’s not).

Bean Compuesta at La Cocina
My smug self-satisfaction is short-lived; while sitting in a restaurant waiting for lunch I notice some sort of crisis happening in my right shoulder and chest.

I calmly inform my darlin’ that I might be having a heart attack. And, he reminds me that the heart is on the left side of the chest cavity. Oh yeah. So – carpal tunnel syndrome striking again, probably.

The pain dissipates within 15 minutes, I’m thinking maybe because the green chile on my bean compuesta is hot enough to help me forget.

Hoping a good soak will fix whatever it is – heart, shoulder, arm, elbow, mind.

I connected with Kathy, the owner of the Charles Motel and Spa earlier in the day, and she kindly hooked me up with a couple of gift certificates for mineral baths in the Charles’s roof-top whirlpool bath. (Shout out to Kathy! Thank you ma’am!)

During this conversation she and I also talked about the 21 days concept. She is a proponent of the idea, and promotes it to groups at her spa.

soaking on the roof of the Charles at nightAn avid hot springs enthusiast, Kathy makes a habit of visiting as many hot springs sites as she can. This summer, she spent time in Hot Springs Arkansas. She believes without a doubt there’s a link between hot springs and health, and was involved in bringing BANA to town back in February 2013.

Kathy suggested we book an 8 pm appointment, to avoid the heat of midday – Truth or Consequences is supposed to reach 88 today.

By the time we arrive at the Charles at 7:45 pm, the wind’s kicked up and the weather’s gone cool all of a sudden, so the roof-top setting is prime.

The photo taking is tricky, though, because light is fading fast and wind is whipping us around a little, so excuse all those blurries.

From a soaking standpoint, though, it’s perfect. The bath is big, and the water is perfectly hot, and when it cools a bit, we add more water to get us through the second half.

I also enjoy a nice little neck massage thanks to the jets on the tub. We end up staying in for every minute of our allotted time.

This is one 50-minute soak that honestly felt like a little vacation.

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