21 Days – Blackstone Hotsprings, Soak #7

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Sunday. The day starts out like any other: I have big plans for getting TONS of work done. YEAH! Woooo!

But after lunch I feel drained. And it’s hot. I assume a horizontal position on the bed. Honestly a hot bath doesn’t sound all that great today. But I must muster through! The show must go on!

Historic Bath #1 at Blackstone Hotsprings
Historic Bath #1 at Blackstone Hotsprings

I invite my partner, who – up to now – I’ve left out of the soaking equation. His inclusion means I need to be able to state a solid plan. He can’t fathom getting in the car until he knows which way we’re going, and a general direction like “downtown” will not do.

I start calling around. Riverbend’s private baths are fully booked. I try for the whirlpool bath on the roof of the Charles, but by the time I call at 5:30, they’re in closing mode. I feel a tinge of panic…

…as I dial the Artesian because I haven’t been there yet and get no answer. Gulp! I try Hay-Yo-Kay; their outgoing message informs me they’ve just closed for the day.

Moral of the story: if you want to soak in T or C on Sunday evening, don’t dawdle! Book early, call ahead, plan ahead.

Blackstone to the rescue! I call the lobby and learn the Wet Room is occupied, but (hallelujah!) both of the Historic Baths are open. We dash down to Austin Street.

Honestly I think the historic Baths at Blackstone are one of the best-kept secrets of soaking in Truth or Consequences. It’s only $5 per half hour per person for walk-ins, in a pristine bath with hot, hot water,

So we had a bit of last-minute luck, but my heart just isn’t in it today. I feel like a wet noodle before I even get started, and after only 10 minutes of soaking I start to obsess about the possibility of ending up with “hot headache” (as discussed in the Intro).

Five wimpy minutes more in the water, then I figure I’ll cool off on the patio while I wait for my honey to finish his bath.

Blackstone Courtyard

But turns out he is of the same mind; by the time I exit the room, he’s five steps ahead of me, ready to go.

In spite of the heat I was worried about in the bath, I feel much cooler. And that reminds me of a blog post from Gina, our former tourism director, posted a few years ago when she was living and working here. It’s appropriate now. We’ll take a break from my 21 days and head back to 2009…

Gina’s Post on Soaking in Summer!

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