21 Days – La Paloma Hot Springs, Soak #19

La Paloma private bath
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La Paloma Hot Springs

At La Paloma, mid-morning, I close the door to the bath and dim the lights. The dark room and steaming hot water turn out to be a much-needed respite from “Friday morning of Fiesta weekend” hustle and bustle at the shop.

La Paloma Hot SpringsThings tend to get thrown at us last-minute right before Fiesta, and by “things” I mean everything from sign mounting to giant cardboard taco construction. I stay longer in the bath than I intended, so relaxed by the soak, so reluctant to go back to the ringing phone and emails and “can ya?”s. Thanks to Leasa at La Paloma for the complimentary soak, I needed it!

In the afternoon, things settle down a little, and a couple of locals come in to the shop. They’re both artists, and one of them needs some fixative (workable, matte). We chat and I learn they have done their own “21 soaks” project recently. So I ask’em – “are you ‘sold’ on the healing properties of hot springs?”

Both had hip replacements in the past year and they describe how useful the soaks were for muscle aches and stiff joints, and for general relaxation.

They also describe how the regimen suppressed their appetites and resulted in weight loss and an overall tendency to eat healthier.

There’s a question I intended to ask lots of soakers during my 3 week run (but forgot to do) – “do you or don’t you rinse?” There are those who think that TorC’s mineral waters, left in after a soak, give them “good hair.” Probably depends on how you like your hair.

I run the question by these ladies, and find out that, like me, they didn’t rinse, at least not immediately, thinking it might be better to wear the minerals around for a while.

They also confess that it was a grind, getting to the baths every day. I am pretty pretty relieved to hear that it’s not just me feeling that way!

Soaking for 21 days in a row sounds like such a luxurious pursuit, and it is, but it does disrupt one’s normal routine, and can feel a bit like a chore (albeit an indulgent chore!).

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