21 Days – Charles Spa, Soak #16

Charles Motel & Spa
Posted on April 30, 2013 in
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Charles Spa – Women’s Baths

Today’s hot bath at the Charles felt great.

However I failed to meditate on mineral composition and instead realized that Mother’s Day is 12 days away.

Gift Shop at the Charles LobbyLucky for me, the lobby of the Charles contains a gift shop.

They have quite an assortment to choose from — everything from books, to pottery to t-shirts and even ristras  — and a couple of times I’ve found myself eyeing some cool-looking necklaces made from titanium, ribbon-like jobbers that can be pulled into all kinds of shapes, then unshaped, then shaped again. I’m pretty sure it’s just what my mom has always wanted.

So, yippie, I got a bath and took care of one of the “to dos” on my list, an unexpected benefit of my soak today!

If you like to get a little shopping in as part of your soak, check out the Charles, or have a look in the gifty area in the lobby at Sierra Grande Lodge.

You can also purchase items — bath robes, ball caps, coffee cups, and the like at both Blackstone and Riverbend, though neither has a “gift shop” proper. Riverbend items can also be purchased direct from CafePress.

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