Water Skiing on Caballo Lake

water skiing on Caballo Lake, 2013

June 9, Sierra County – took a drive to Percha Dam State Park, went down the road next to it, ended up on the other side of Caballo Lake, at its north end.  And that’s where we saw this!

A while back, the lake was low and motorized boats were temporarily not allowed on the lake.  Looks like that’s definitely changed.

Whether you’re flying along on a ski, paddling in a kayak, hanging out lakeside, or floating on a bring-your-own raft or tube, our lakes and waterways will provide a cool experience!

water skiing on Caballo Lake, 2013

If you want to get your feet wet, BYOF (bring your own floater), or check out our webpage on boat, kayak and other watercraft rentals.

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