October Newsletter Brings News of the 20th Launch from Spaceport America

Posted on October 1, 2013
Virgin Galactic logo

Did you hear about the September 25 event in Mojave, the one where Richard Branson entertained 300 future astronauts? Turns out Spaceport America’s Executive Director Christine Anderson was there, as she wrote about in the October Spaceport America Newsletter.

Spaceport Executive Director Christine Anderson“Virgin Galactic hosted an event in Mojave to update their future passengers on Virgin progress. I had the opportunity to attend and although we coordinate often, I found the event to be very informative. We had an opportunity to hear from all the VG teams that are working hard to make this venture a big success. Virgin is making great progress on the path to commercial flights from Spaceport America. We are prepared and looking forward to it.”

For more information, see the Spaceport America website.

Virgin’s web page about the September 25 event for future astronauts is here.

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