Sierra County Road Trips, Tours, and Itineraries

Guided Tours

Creative Photo Tours

Dam Site Retreats and Workshops

Learn new camera or smartphone photography skills while visiting unique locations around Sierra County.

Ecotours in Sierra County New Mexico

Ted Turner Reserves ecotour on the Armendaris Ranch

The Ladder and Armendaris ranches feature some of the most spectacular unspoiled landscapes in the southwest.

Spaceport America Tours

approaching Spaceport America

Tours to the Spaceport last just under 4 hours and depart Saturdays from downtown Truth or Consequences.

DIY Tours

Southern New Mexico “Old West” Trail

Visit the old west and learn about our rich history.

Geronimo Trail National Scenic Byway & The Lake Valley Back Country Byway

Two byways invite exploration of grasslands, mountains, desert, lakes, hot springs.

A Five-Day Journey Through Sierra & Socorro County

This video from 2007 highlights the assets of Sierra and Socorro County, covering birding sites, technology, museums and history.

Southern New Mexico Space Trail

New Mexico has long been a leader in the Aerospace and Technology industries.

Southern New Mexico’s Best Birding Sites

Four different biolife zones and amazing birding opportunities await you in Socorro and Sierra Counties.

Day Trips in Sierra County

The Day Trips booklet, funded by Sierra County Lodgers Tax, features information on the area's towns and attractions.

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