Off-Highway Vehicle Riding

off-road vehicle riding in the desert

Bring your OHV to Sierra County and check out our trails!

Sierra County and its municipalities have approved the use of ATVs, OHVs, UTVs and etc. in many parts of the county but they are not permitted on any state or interstate highways.


Info from Game & Fish Report a Violation: 800-366-4868

Under the Off-Highway Vehicle Act (66-3-1001 through 66-3-1021 NMSA), New Mexico law defines the following as OHVs:

  • All-terrain vehicle (ATV)
  • Off-highway motorcycle (OHM)
  • Recreational off-highway vehicle (ROV)
  • Snowmobile

Vehicles exempt from the provisions of the Off-Highway Vehicle Act include:

  • Motorcycles and other vehicles registered for use on public streets
  • OHVs being used for agricultural purposes
  • OHVs used exclusively on private land only

New Mexico residents must title  and register OHVs with the New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division to operate the vehicles legally on public lands. Registration costs up to $53 for two years.

Nonresidents whose OHVs are not registered or not in compliance with another state’s off-highway vehicle registration, user fee, or similar rule demonstrated by certificate of registration must obtain a use permit to operate legally on public lands in New Mexico.

Non-resident permit fees are $48 for two years or $18 for 90 days. Permits are available at all New Mexico Department of Game and Fish offices and online at

Fees from OHV registration are used to fund OHV safety training and public outreach and to fund grants for trail improvements and law enforcement.

Rules and requirements are shown below (source:

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