A Visit to Truth or Consequences

By Diane Schorn for CBS News - 11 February 2009

From time to time, The Early Show asks viewers to explain what’s so special about where they live. A little while ago we received an e-mail about a town in the desert with a very curious name, so co-anchor Rene Syler decided to take a road trip to Truth or Consequences, N.M.

Jason Sneed sent The Early Show the following letter:

“Truth or Consequences, New Mexico is a place you need to tour. The town retains much of the Main Street USA feel. We have a thriving arts and historic hot springs district which are some of our main attractions. Also located just out of town is Elephant Butte and Caballo Lake. So if you want a neat place to broadcast from, you need to come here.

“Best regards, Jason Sneed”

Syler was intrigued by Jason’s invitation as well as the town’s unusual name. So she stopped by its local museum looking for answers. Read More

Sierra County Recreation and Tourism
301 S. Foch, Truth or Consequences NM

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