New Mexico True TV Visits T-or-C and Chloride

New Mexico True TV in T or C

This is great! The segments on Truth or Consequences begin about 4 minutes in, and Chloride coverage starts just after 15:30. Episode closes with a swing through Elephant Butte Lake, which begins a 22:20.

Tour guides: Monika Proffitt, founder of the local Starry Night Artists Retreat in the hot springs district; Marilyn Pope of the Geronimo Springs Museum on Main Street in T or C, and Don Edmund, who’s devoted the last several years to restoration projects in the town of Chloride, including the Monte Cristo Gift Shop & Gallery and the wonderful Pioneer Store Museum.

And big thanks to New Mexico True for coming to see us! Y’all come back now, y’hear?

1 thought on “New Mexico True TV Visits T-or-C and Chloride”

  1. This was my first viewing of ‘New Mexico True’ and Michael’s visit to TorC covering the very interesting places and beautiful scenery in the area, the recreational and sight seeing opportunities, as well as the local people he connected with made me an instant fan.

    He is a wonderful guide whose ability to highlight the wonderful surprises that New Mexico has to offer is a gift. I’m truly glad I found Michael and ‘New Mexico True’ via the web. I’ll be back!

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