Things Are Were (Will Be?) Looking Up!

Polar Bear Plunge Party, Damsite Marina, Elephant Butte

With highs in the 60s and 70s lately, Sierra County has officially thawed out from February’s snow storm, and — hallelujah! — things seem to be looking up from a public health standpoint as well.

Many of our seniors have gotten both rounds of the COVID vaccine, with more of that on the way, and there’s been an overall decrease in daily infections, knock wood, state-wide. Yesterday came word that Sierra County is in the “turquoise” zone, which seemed like excellent news…

…until we learned a few hours later that a whopping 13 new cases had been added to our county total, literally overnight. We may get sent back to the (still good, just not great!) green zone.

levels of COVID risk per state of New Mexico

The governor and state health officials would prefer we continue to stay home when possible, likely until herd immunity is reached.  (Read state guidelines released February 24 2021.)

Nevertheless.  We all own an array of masks by now, and understand the importance of keeping space around ourselves.  Avoid spray zones, sharing food. Wash your hands, congregate outdoors.  With all that in mind, there are a few things to get out and do.

Return of the Spaceport Tour

News came via social media that Spaceport Tours are running again, so we checked in with tour operator Curtis of Final Frontier Tours.  There’s no pickup at the Visitor Center in downtown T or C for now, but tours are available every Saturday at 10am. Curtis expects this limited schedule to continue through March, and tour frequency is likely to increase in April.

Spaceport AmericaEach Spaceport tour is limited to 10 people. Until bus rides resume, tour-takers will need to drive out to Spaceport on their own, where Curtis will be waiting outside the entrance.  The 2.5 hour experience is available for $49.99 per person if you reserve at least 24 hours in  advance.  Face masks are required, of course. Book online, call or email.

Welcome Back to the State Parks!

Effective February 25, out-of-state visitors are once again welcome to recreate at Elephant Butte Lake and all state parks!  Overnight camping at state parks will resume on Saturday February 27, 2021.

If you are ready to go swimming already, then a Polar Bear Plunge Party might be just the medicine you need.  Go jump in the lake on March 6! Or watch from the shore, warm and dry, while enjoying a complimentary chili dog.

Truth or Consequences Art Hops had to go virtual for a while, but the event has been low-key back on track for about 4 months.  The March 13 Hop will feature the usual art exhibits and open shops. Entertainment-wise, though, we heard it from Nick himself that entertainers Nick and Lindsey will perform at T or C Brewing on the night of the Hop.

Outdoor seating was added behind the Brewery (on the Austin side) last fall, complete with a fire to warm things up.  If you can’t find a seat in back, more outdoor seating is available in the front along Broadway.

The Giddy Up Cafe Mac & CheeseAnother Brewery-centric development: The Giddy Up Cafe has opened with a limited weekend menu including Sunday quiche-of-the-week. It’s located where Little Slice of Heaven was previously (same location as gone-but-not-forgotten Brazen Fox Taqueria, Happy Belly Deli, and The Bakery!).  The Giddy Up has a walk-up order window, but also delivers food to the Brewery every half hour starting around noon on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

In other restaurant news, we bid a fond farewell to Latitude 33, but in the next breath welcomed chef Michael’s La Baracca to the same space.  La Baracca is a one-man operation serving Italian food and sandwiches, with pick-up available at the curb.

The forecast is cloudy for 2021 annual events, due to group size restrictions and none of us being truly out of the COVID woods yet.  But we are going to get there!

Stay tuned.

March 2021 Guidelines from the State

new mexico health guidelines 2021 march

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