Dam Site Lodge & Cabins

Dam Site Lodge
77B Engle Star Route,

Lodging is available in the Dam Site’s casitas and inside the hotel/lodge.

A special feature of the historic Dam Site location: lots of beautiful rock walls, steps, and berms built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1940s.

Other highlights: plenty of shade trees, wonderful views of the lake, a hilltop park (Winding Roads), and proximity to Dam Site Marina.

Though the address of the Dam Site is officially Truth or Consequences, this is definitely an Elephant Butte / lakeside facility.

Dam Site Lodge

stone steps built by the CCC, located at the Damsite Historic Recreation Area

portal at the lodge at the Damsite Historic Recreation Area

Damsite meeting room

Winding Roads Park

Winding Roads Park above the Elephant Butte Dam Site
Winding Roads Park, above the Historic Damsite Recreational Area

Lakeside Casitas

Lakeside Casitas at the Dam Site Historic Recreation Area

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