Studio de la Luz

308 S. Pershing,


The studio offers yoga classes with Marlena, reiki and ear acupuncture as part of weekly wellness clinics, a monthly Pop-Up Apothecary, and other special events. Call to arrange appointments on Tuesdays (massage, reflexology) and Fridays (reiki). Suggested donation: $25 or more.

Studio Rentals

Open to hourly, private rentals with a focus on healing offerings, movement/dance/somatic practices, wellness events/classes and performing arts. Individuals: $10/hr up to 6 hours Groups of 2 or more: $20/hr, $50 for three hours and $10 for every additional hour, up to 6 hours.


Thursday Reiki Clinic

10am-1pm, Studio de la Luz, 308 S. Pershing,

Silvia Villanueva is a Reiki master practitioner who combines a variety of Reiki techniques alongside shamanism, angelology, and Buddhist healing mantras for wellbeing. Call her to schedule a session, as appointments are required.

Contact: Sylvia Villanueva, 915-274-6495, .
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