21 Days – Charles Motel & Spa, Soak #20

21 mineral baths
Posted on May 4, 2013 in
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Charles Spa – Women’s Baths

I leave Fiesta activities in the park to squeeze in my second-to-the-last soak.

Not sure what exactly happened — too much salty-sweet kettle corn and not enough liquids to wash it down, or maybe (more likely) my overzealous attempt to soak longer and sweat more (based on my conversation yesterday with the other 21-day-ers; obviously hearing their experience encouraged me to try harder) — but in the end, it was not a relaxing, rejuvenating experience.

Coulda added cold water. Shoulda made use of one of the recliners in the dressing room as soon as I felt a little hot. Didn’t do a damned thing to counteract the overheating. Totally brought it on myself.

A reminder to all — going back to the advice on the Blackstone site, which I chose to ignore in this case — “soaking should never be an endurance contest!”

Charles Motel and Spa - Ladies Bath HouseI stop to chat briefly with the attendant on my way out, and inquire about the water temps. They seemed extra-hot to me. (Which makes me extra-stupid for overstaying.)

He confirmed that the water’s currently testing at 113-114 degrees, hotter than normal.

He then shared a surprising hypothesis, explaining that these higher temps were probably “due to a tremor up near Socorro about a month ago.” (Lest you forget how connected everything is…)

Feeling like an overcooked dumpling, I go home to take to my bed for the rest of the day.

Sad face!

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