21 Days – Sierra Grande Lodge, Soak #18

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Sierra Grande Lodge – Spirit Bath

Golly. I never expected to be led to the big indoor bath…the one that is most often photographed…that’s named “Spirit”…that can easily accommodate several people…but that’s where I’m taken when I arrive for my second soak at Sierra Grande Lodge. And by the way, THANK YOU, Sazi & Robin & everyone at Sierra Grande Lodge, for comping me during my visits! Means a lot.

Sierra Grande Lodge's Spirit Bath, fillingSo Spirit Bath for one, okay! It seems pretty decadent, all that freshly-drawn water and then just little old me, paddling around for 20 minutes or so, but — I’m not making the rules, I’m just writing the blog posts.

The  bath is still filling when I arrive. But “filling” is not the greates description for it, so let me try again. There’s hot mineral water gushing from a fissure in a giant crystal that’s embedded in the wall.

The pool’s so big that even with a substantial outpouring, it’s taking some time to fill. This works in my favor; after showing me how to turn the water off, the attendant encourages me to get in and stand under that waterfall, so I can get an aquatic shoulder and back massage.

She leaves, and I do, and it feels grrrrreat!

I also remember to use the jets this time. Great way to give some attention to the muscles in my shoulders, neck, and feet.

I leave feeling refreshed and wonder (since I’m at the same spa where I was reminded that it could happen) if I have indeed become a “nicer person.”

Naaaaah. 🙂

Jets on at Spirit Bath, Sierra Grande Lodge, Truth or Consequences

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