21 Days – Hay-Yo-Kay Hot Springs, Soak #17

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Hay-Yo-Kay – Indoor Bath

Today I feel like something a little “cooler” (cooler being relative, don’t you know!). I opt for a private bath at Hay-Yo-Kay selecting the 99 degree option.

I’ve been up against lots of time wasters today – human and otherwise – and I don’t intend to stay long, but then end up soaking for 30 minutes or so because it feels pretty darned good.

17 days in, though, I must be getting a little bored. On this particular day, staring at the ceiling isn’t cutting it.

Hay-Yo-Kay Hot SpringsWater depth is exactly 36″, marked on the wall, and pebbles cover the pool bottom, it’s the artesian way. I experiment with a form of static lap swimming – on my back, arms above head, hands pressing against the wall while feet flutter kick. This works pretty well, actually, and my leg muscles feel happy to be taken out for a trot after too many months in the stable.

But the kicking displaces quite a bit of water, and I worry someone may think I’m drowning, so I don’t keep at it for long. The piped-in flute music is turned up loud, but I think it’s not loud enough to mask my major ruckus-making.

In lots of ways I feel so much the same as ever. Then it hits me – heyyyy, I’ve been sleeping through the night. Eureka! Soaking cured my insomnia!

Come to think of it…guests often claim they sleep better at Blackstone Hotsprings than most other places. (Other spas may hear this too, but I only work at the one, see.)

I decide to take a poll.

The responses sent in the first 24 hours are below – (and it’s unanimous!):


So factor “excellent rest” into the healing equation of a 21-day program. And go ahead and factor it into a one-day program, as well.
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