21 Days – Fire Water Lodge, Soak #12

Fire Water Lodge
Posted on April 26, 2013 in
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Fire Water Lodge – Outdoor Bath

Bummer, I wake up with a sharp pain in my left eyeball, maybe a leftover from last night’s headache. I’ve learned not to mess around with eyeball pain, so I pop a pill (generic sumaptriptan, works nearly every time) and rinse it down with black coffee and a large water chaser. An hour later, I’m at work.

It’s warm out: a great day for investigating the “Is it ever too hot to soak?” question for myself. That reminds me, here’s a tweet I hung on to because of that exact question…

I don’t think I know this guy but I gather he has a home here and clearly he’s a believer in summertime soaks!

outdoor soaker at Fire Water LodgeI opt for the outdoor Jacuzzi at Fire Water Lodge, easy to do because it’s right across from our shop.

There’s a shade structure over the bath but still plenty of bright sunshine beating down. My eyeball still feels tenderized so I’m doing a lot of squinting and dodging in the bright light.

The outdoor bathing area is nice, in keeping with the rest of Fire Water Lodge – there’s a clean whirlpool bath sitting on an elevated enclosed deck, and being outdoors makes it especially great, just like Richard preached. There’s a nice breeze at play and once I find a shady spot in the bath, all’s well and my mind is off work for a few minutes.

But it’s Friday, the day I pay shop bills, and panic kicks in as I’m draining and drying, so rather than allowing time for a proper post-bath cool down, my clothes are tugged on over sweat and I dash back to the shop to balance the checkbook.

Sure enough, though — sitting in my shop across the street in the afternoon, I notice my deodorant is not being tested as rigorously as it was in the a.m.

“Soaking in warm weather cools you off.”

This skeptic’s findings: TRUE.

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